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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Top 10 news in 2009

Your Top 10 Industry News Stories of 2009
Breaking news about bankruptcies, acquisitions and a popular series of go-lives featuring prominent technology companies claim several spots on our list of most popular Industry News stories. Readers of the RIS Executive Insights Newsletters as well as the RIS Web site also care most about technology initiatives underway at Walmart and Nordstrom.

A popular series detailing a controversy that hit Whole Foods drew massive attention from our readers. Other stores that fared well on our list of most popular Industry News stories includes one about the world's largest technology event, Oracle OpenWorld, and a story about one of the largest hacking and identity-theft crimes in U.S. history. Find out which other breaking news headlines caught your attention here.

Your top-10 Industry News stories of 2009 are:

1) Walmart Stomps on the Gas with Project Impact- September 15
Shoppers may be frugal, but frugality does not an empire make. As other retailers cut back Walmat launches Project Impact, a massive capital investment initiative. Here's the inside story.

2) Gartner Acquires AMR Research - December 1
Gartner announced today that it has agreed to acquire AMR Research for approximately $64 million. The acquisition of AMR Research is expected to expand Gartner's suite of research offerings and complement its consulting and events businesses.

3) Whole Foods Backlash on Facebook Grows to 26,000 - August 25
Whole Foods has embodied a true social media success story. However, recent controversy has catapulted Whole Foods into a cross-fire of severe backlash in which a user-generated Boycott Whole Foods movement has been launched.

4) Top 10 SAP Retail Go-Lives - May 5
Signed agreements often evaporate, The real metric to track is go-lives. Here are 10 from SAP.

5) Whole Foods Boycott Wants CEO's Head - September 1
Two unions have now joined the nearly 32,000 thousand Facebook protestors decrying Whole Foods' CEO John Mackey and calling for his resignation. Mackey has been under attack for controversial statements made in a recent op-ed article.

6) Nordstrom to Spend $45 Million on Tech Upgrades in 2010 - November 17
Nordstrom announces its plans to invest up to $45 million on technology upgrades next year, maintaining its level of IT spend year-over-year.

7) Top 10 Oracle Retail Go-Lives - March 17
Marking an X on the calendar for a go-live date is a big deal for any retailer. Here are 10 major Oracle retail go-lives in the last 12 months.

8) Retail Pro Files for Bankruptcy - January 27
Retail Pro, formerly Island Pacific, and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Page Digital, IP Retail Technologies International and Sabica Ventures have entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

9) Retail Rocks Out at Oracle OpenWorld - October 13
Retailing was put in the spotlight at today's opening keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld. Here's report from the world's largest technology events.

10) Breaking News: Godfather of Identity Theft Indicted - August 19
A Florida man and two unnamed Russian co-conspirators were charged Monday with hacking into retail computer networks and stealing data for more than 130 million credit and debit cards, the largest hacking and identity-theft crime in U.S. history.

The Editors of RIS News developed this Top 10 ranking based on Executive Insights newsletter clicks tracked over a 12-month period beginning in January 2009.

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